What Mary Magdalene and the Samaritan teach the church

Jamie L. Manson, NCR

“The Samaritan woman is the first disciple to recognize Jesus as the promised Messiah, and her testimony brings him many followers in Samaria. Mary Magdalene is the first disciple to witness the resurrected Jesus and to proclaim the resurrection to the male disciples. They weren’t simply the first women to recognize Jesus. They were the first disciples to recognize him. One doesn’t need to read the Gospel of John through a feminist lens to see exactly how scandalous these stories would have been to a first-century audience.”

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Silence about the global treatment of women is disquieting

Joan Chittister, NCR

“From where I stand, it seems to me that male “protection,” paternalism and patriarchal theology are not to be trusted anymore because the actions it spawns in both men and women have limited the full humanity of women everywhere, and on purpose.”

“Isn’t it time for us all to really be converted, to say the real Truth about women from our pulpits, from our preachers, from our patriarchs, until both they and we finally believe it ourselves? Then surely the actions that make it real will follow”


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