“There is no Jew or Greek, servant or free, male or female: because you are all one in Jesus Christ. ”. (Gal. 3: 28)

We are a group of Christian women and men worried about the wounding discrimination women experience within the Catholic Church and willing to walk in the right direction of equalty for both genus, ready to promote the respect for human rights also in our ancient institution and longing to recover the femenine essence in the Christianity as well as in ourselves and in our relationships.

Where does the name Eukleria come from?

“Eukleria” in Greek means “the good election” . It refers to the words used by Jesus in Luke’s gospel when talking to the sisters Marta and Maria, to explain that Maria had made the good election sitting next to him and listening to his words. Eukleria refers also to the last book written by Anna Maria van Schurman.  It is said she was the wisest woman in the 17th century  -“The Dutch Minerva”- she spoke 13 languages. The rector at Utrecht university, contravening the rules, allowed her to attend the classes hidden behind some curtains at the back of the classroom. Nevertheless she wasn’t allowed to sit an examination and couldn’t obtain any degree. The name “Eukleria” reminds us at the same time of Jesus’ words and of all Christian women, theologians or laywomen, who preceded us, dared to talk and started the way we are walking.

What do we want?

  • Equality between women and men within the Catholic Church, in order to enrich our communities with the female contribution
  • To build bridges between the academic Feminist Theology and laywomen.
  • The involvement of women in all the organs where decisions are taken
  • Women’s admission to all ecclesiastical ministries.
  • To reinforce the conscience about women being also “image of God”.
  • To change the image of God which was passed on to us in a patriarchal language.
  • To remove all ecclesiastical traditions which discriminate women
  • To modify the liturgical language so that it doesn’t damage women’s dignity.
  • To promote ecumenism: to approach the experiences and spirituality of there Christian churches and other religions.
  • To promote inner democracy within the Church.
  • To be the voice of those women nobody listens to.


Through information, education and time to meet and to celebrate together.



Una respuesta to “ENGLISH”

  1. judyabl 10/29/2013 a 23:52 #

    Gracias ! Eso es un buen blog. Muy interesante y muy importante!
    Rvda.Dra. Judy Lee, ARCWP (Mujeres Presbiteras Catolico Romano)


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